10/21 Avenues Fall Chess Championship


259 10th Ave - New York, NY

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Our First Avenues Chess Tournament will be on Saturday, 10/21. Sign up now!

We are excited to be back at Avenues: The World School and running tournaments again.          

We have a beautiful and spacious playing area with food and merchandise for sale.  

We have a beautiful well-lit common area for families to gather and wait for games to end and FREE Wi-Fi access. 


Tournament Start Times: 

  • Future Masters and Classic: Mandatory Check in 8:30 - 9:00. Pairings out at 9:15 AM
  • Reserve and Booster: Clocks begin at 9:45 AM
  • K-3 U600, K-1 U500, Novice: 10:00 AM start time


Novice is a section for those who are brand new to Chess
  • Novice: Open to PK-3 Grade students who are Unrated. Students play 4 Rounds. If total round time exceeds 40 minutes, clocks will be provided with 5 minutes per player. Tiebreakers will be used if necessary. Trophies for Top 10 placements, participation trophies for all other players.

K-1 U500, K-3 U600, K-8 U800, K-12 U1100, Classic 1000-1299, Future Masters 1300+

Players must have a valid USCF ID Trophies will go to the top 10 players in each section and medals for all other participants. Team trophy given to top performing team
  • Future Masters over 1300: There will be 3 rounds at g/60 d5. The top 4 rated players will be placed in a quad. Trophies to top 5. Quad winner receives $100 if a perfect 3-0 score, $75 if not a perfect score
  • Classic 1000-1299: This section is for players rated 1000-1299. The time control will be g/40 d5. 4 rounds
  • K-12 Reserve U1100: G40/d5, 4 Rounds. Tiebreakers will be used if necessary. Trophies for Top 10, Medals for all other participants. Open to current USCF members in grades K-12 who are <1100 USCF rated using the higher of USCF Online Regular rating and USCF Regular over the board ratings.
  • K-8 Booster U800: This is a section for players in K-8 who are rated <800. There will be 4 rounds at G/30 d5. Trophies to top 10 players and medals for all others. Team trophy to top performing school team
  • K-3 Primary U600: This is a section for players in K-3 rated <600. There will be 4 games at g/30 d5. Top 10 receive trophies and the rest receive medals. There is also a top team trophy given to the top team in the section
  • K-1 U500: This is a section for players in K-1 rated U500. Place trophies for the top 10 players, participation trophies to all others. 4 rounds g/30 d5


Check in is from 8:30 - 9:00 AM for Future Masters and Classic. All other players please arrive 20-30 minutes before your section is set to start. Rounds will begin as soon as all games in the section have concluded. There will be a short grace period before the next match pairings are posted.

Entry Fee and Other Information

Early bird entry fee: $55 by 10/16, regular entry fee: $65


Registration deadline is 10/20 at 5:00 PM  - We are not accepting on site registrations

There is a $10 fee for section change after 10/16



Time controls: 

Future Masters and Quads: 3 rounds at g 60 d/5

Classic: 4 rounds at g 40 d/5

Reserve: 4 rounds at g 40 d/5

K-1 U500, K-3 U600, Booster K-8 U800: 4 rounds at g 30 d/5

Novice and No Score: No clocks